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Chapter 68 - Just Wishes - Gen 7

Letting the Skeletons out of the cupboard!!

I waited till after work had finished the next day then headed straight to Deans house instead of going home.
"Hiya Faith and what do I owe the pleasure of your company tonight"
He hugged me as soon as I got through the door.
"Its not going to be a pleasure for you I don't think"
"and why not" Dean laughed
"Tell me - why were you at the hospital the night I saw you arguing with Edward?"
"I don't really think that is any of your business do you"
"I think it is - because I am sure that was the night that Hansan was born"
"And what if it was"
"My Dad thinks he has a new baby brother - when I think he actually has a new baby Half brother"
"You were at the hospital seeing your new baby son weren't you"
He laughed  "and what has made you come up with this conclusion"
"His eyes - he has your eyes and your hair - and what other reason would you have for being outside the hospital arguing with your nephew the same night that his mother, your brothers wife gives birth to a baby that looks just like you!!!"
"You and your Dad have the same hair colour - so why think he is my child."
"Because nobody in our family has your eyes - only you and Hasan - I have over heard my Dad talking to my mom and in his words you have had your slimey hands all over his mother, which means to me at some point you have had an affair with my grandmother.  He is your child isn't he Dean"
He turned away from me then, so I could not see the look on his face.
"You are a clever little thing aren't you - I think you should sit down"
"I don't need to sit down"
"SIT DOWN - you might be very clever but you are also very stupid - stupid for forcing me to tell you everything, which I am going to have to do now, and it is going to take time, so sit!!"
 So I sat down and he sat down beside me.  He sat there in silence for quite a while, before he started to speak.
 "Yes, Hansan is my child, yes, I am having an affair with you Grandmother and it has been going on since before you was born, and yes, we have had an accident, made a stupid mistake, however you want to put it."
"Does my Grandad know?"
"He knew when it started but he thought it finished the same day, but it didn't we carried on and never stopped"
"And Hansan?"
"He thinks Hansan is his child"
 "Why - why so long and why does she not leave him"
"She stays to protect one of her children"
"What? Who - that does not make much sense!!"
"Let me start at the beginning - then it might make some sense to you"
"Our family did not originally come from this island, we moved here after my mother died, when me and Damen were teenagers.  My Dad had had an affair, he got caught and my mom died suddenly before they repaired their relationship.  My Dad moved us to this island trying to run away from his guilt and sometimes I wander what would have happened to our lives if we had not moved to this stupid place!!  Two women born on this island - we never would have met - and none of this would never have happened."
"Two women??"
"Shhhh stop interupting me just let me speak"
"Me and Damen have never got on as brothers ever since we were kids, when we were teenagers it got worse and the day Damen brought Lilac home was the day it killed any relationship between me and my brother.  We both fell in love with Lilac - the mistake I made was not fighting for her - I just stepped back and let my brother sweep her off her feet, which he did.  I lived in hell watching them together every day, Damen knew how I fellt about Lilac, so he just stepped up his game and found every opportunity just to wind me up!!  I had to get out - so the first woman that threw herself at me I took, poor Bannoffee, she was a kind and sweet person, she knew I did not love her but she loved me anyway.   We had a child and that trapped me into a life where I just existed for my child and as long as I did not see Lilac I could survive just about."
"Life carried on until Edwin and Edward came to work at the science facility.  I hated it at first, seeing them everyday was just a reminder of what my brother had that I didn't have - but they were my nephews and it was not their fault.  Your dad in particular I started to get very close to - we got on well, and in a way that did not help because he would quite often phone me up to hang out, so I would go round and I would see Damen and Lilac - made my agony even worse."
"Everything changed when my Dad died. Your Dad had married Eva.  Which one of you is the third child?"
"Eeer...  me and Flora"
He laughed a little "Well they had two children and it all started when your mom was expecting you and your sister.  Lilac was very upset my dad had just died, but it was not just his death - there was something else upsetting her.
Now this is the part you are going to wish I had never told you!!!!!  Lilac came to me and told me there was something going on between Damen and Eva - she had caught them and more than once."
"MOM and GRANDAD!!!"

"Yes your mom, and your grandad have a thing going on between them, which to be honest with you I don't think that has stopped either  Over the years on occassions I have seen him sneaking in and out of your house while your Dad has been at work.  Your Dad, is the only innocent party in all of this - me and your grandma take all the blame for the mess, but your Dad only knows half of the story - your mom and your grandad, Edwin knows nothing about!!"  Sometimes I even wander if Damen does love Lilac, knowing my brother and the rivalry between us I often wander if he just keeps Lilac just so I can not have her - he would die rather than see me take something away from him."

"Anyway, The day Lilac was upset, she came to  me and all I was trying to do was comfort her.  I blurted out that I loved her, because she was way too close to me and my head was giddy -  and she kissed me.  I tried to stop it and moved away from her but a while later I found her in the basement crying and she kissed me again and that I could not stop!!  Everyone was asleep and we stood there all night until your mother woke and caught us.  Eva and Lilac by this point already hated each other and were constantly fighting so Lilac just shoo'd Eva away.  I went up to the kitchen for plasma juice and Lilac followed me and started kissing me again - lost in our own little world, everyone saw us then - Damen, Edwin and Eva - all saw us together.  We had a fight,  Eva started to have a go at me so I started shouting back, your dad jumped in to protect her and I stupidly blarted out that he should have kept her under better control then none of this would have happened, luckily your Dad never clicked on to what I was saying, but Damen knew straight away that I knew his little secret and so did Eva.  Damen told me to leave, but Damen came round later and we finished the fight away from Edwin so as he would not have found out what else had been going on."
"We agreed that I would keep away from Lilac if he kept away from Eva.  If Edwin ever found out it would have destroyed him!!!  We agreed that Lilac and Damen would move out of that  house leaving it to Edwin, move to the other side of town and from then on keep out of each others lives.  But Damen did not keep his promise, only a few days later Lilac saw them together again.  That is when she came to me and that was when we mapped our life out.  She more than me said the way it would be - she loves me yes, more than she loves Damen she says, but she has to stay with Damen to protect your Dad."

"I dont get it"
"If Lilac left him - what would Damen do - think about it - he would just go straight to Eva.  Lilac stays with Damen to keep him away from your Mom.  The last thing she wants is your Dad having his heart broken and she is willing  -  we are willing  - to sacrifice what we want to protect your Dad."
"But my mom loves my dad I know she does - you can see it!!"
"Yes she may do, but she also has something going on with your Grandad that they have not stopped - she might chose Edwin over Damen - but we do not want to take that risk - would you??"
"My Dad hates you and Grandma and all this time you are doing something for him and he does not even know it - while  Mom and Grandad are getting away scot free when they are no better than you and Grandma"
"Yes and he must never know!!!!"
"I take it Edward knows something"
"Unfortunately Edward knows everything, like you he is not stupid"
"We have been really stupid, and if you can tell Hansan is my child, how long will it be before somebody else realises??"
"I don't know whether to hate you or pity you??"
"That is entirely up to you how you want to see me - but if you love your Dad, you will keep all of this to yourself and not tell a sole - not even that boyfriend of yours"
"And Hanson - will he know you are his Dad?"
"That is one answer I can not give you, I hate every minute he is away from me, but we can not decide what to do - it is tearing us both apart"
I could not hate him when I just felt sorry for him!!

Dean had given me a lot to think about - what was I going to do now????!!!

Chapter 69

Chapter 69 - Just Wishes - Gen 7


I remember watching my mom and dad like this a thousand times - but now it felt different - now I knew it was one big lie, well for one of them at least.  It is so easy to be fooled - I thought they had the perfect love, now I think there can be no such thing!!!!!
I felt sick - I could not watch this ever day, Dean had been right about one thing, I was better off not knowing - and I was -  ignorance is bliss!!!!!
I think I already knew what I was going to do - and what happened next just made the decision that much easier, only before my plans would have involved Toby, now - they don't!!!!
I walked into the bathroom to my sister Fiona flirting with Toby.  He was just stood there, doing nothing but staring at her - but he did not push her away or tell her to stop it - so that was it!!  I ran out of the bathroom crying.
My Dad and brothers went rushing in.
I saw Toby coming after me - but Fiona had other ideas and stopped him, wrapping her arms around his waist  
"You don't want her - tell her - its me you want"  Toby still said nothing.
Since when had my sister turned into such a bitch!!!
"Well he can have you!!!"  I said it but I did not mean it - my heart had just broken in two.  Toby's silence making me so much angrier - all of the last few days events got on top of me and I flipped, taking everything out on my sister.
I slapped, insulted and fought with her not once but twice.
"That's it I am out of here" Fiona said then slammed out of the front door -
if she meant for now or forever, I did not know if she would return or not.
My heart broke again when I watched my little sister go through her birthday alone, another forgotten birthday!!
I ran up to my old room and locked the door.
"Faith let me in please - we need to talk"
"Go away Toby I have nothing to say to you"
"I love you Faith, I dont want Fiona - I love you. please let me in"
Too little - too late - I put the pillow over my head to drown out his noise.
I won't settle for second best and I dont give second chances!!
I knew what I was going to do - but first I had to say goodbye to my Dad, so when the coast was Toby free I crept downstairs to find him.
"I love you Dad" I said
"Don't worry love I am sure you will sort everything out with Toby in the morning"
"Good night Dad" and I went back to my room.
There would be no in the morning for us - he just did not know it yet.
I waited until the middle of the night when I was sure everyone was asleep, and I left, I did not take a single thing with me, just the clothes I was wearing and $50,000 I had saved up since I had started work.  I never even broke off our engagement - but I am sure he will move on soon enough!!!  I left my Dad a note, I owed him something at least - he was the only one who had never let me down!!  I was getting off this island before it dragged me down like it had dragged everyone else down.  I was going to get as far away as I possibly could where I could start my life over.  One thing I knew - I would never trust anybody ever again - it was going to be me and just me!!!  I had had my heart broken more than once, my family was based on one big lie after another - there was no way I could sit back and watch it every single day knowing the truth.  They could do with their lives what they wanted as I would not be there to see it.
Hopefully they would never find me either!!!


After days of travelling I finally settled on a small town called Riverview - it felt like I was worlds away from Wishacy Bay - I had thought about hiding in the big city but Bridgeport was way too close to Wishacy Bay.
I brought a small house that had a lot of land and this is where my new life begins.
Lets hope its a happy life!!!!


And so my wishacy ends (sob sob) or so I thought!!!
There is still one more sting in this tale
not wanting to leave you on the cliff edge for too long

The story continues
Some Wishes Are Neverending


Monday, 10 January 2011

Chapter 67 - Just Wishes - Gen 7

With Toby moved into our house, everyone was still mourning, and something had been very much overlooked with us all being so upset over Frannys death.
The boys were having their birthday today and they went through it alone.
Freddie and Gavin are now teenagers.  Freddie got the insane trait and Gavin got the party animal trait.
I wanted to offer to turn Toby into a vampire.  He was 3 days away from becoming a mature adult, and it worried me a little that human time was so short.  He gladly agreed as he wanted to become a vampire anyway.  It can not be easy for him living in a house with seven vampires, even if one of them was just a toddler!!!!
I came out of work to find Edward and Dean outside the hospital arguing, they quickly shut up when they saw me coming out.  I thought it was quite strange to see them together, but no surprise to see them arguing - and what were they doing outside the hospital anyway???
"How is your Dad" Dean asked
"Not good!!"
"I am sorry to hear about what happened to your sister"
That was it - I cracked up, and as Dean was the closest, it was his shoulder I cried on.  I was feeling really tired and very emotional and I just couldn't control myself any longer, I had all day kept myself composed, working in a hospital with death around me all the time, I was saving lives all the time and yet I had let me sister die, I had got there too late and there was not a damn thing I could do!!!
"So it is true - I had heard a rumour that you two were getting a little too close for comfort!!"
"Edward you just shut your mouth............."
"Stop it!!!!! Just Stop it!!!! I am sick of all this fighting" 
Still in tears I walked away and went straight home without looking back
Gavin was making me laugh but also irritating me at the same time.  Because we now had a party animal in the house, every single radio in the house is on and blaring out music, and you are guaranteed to find Gavin dancing away around one of them.  He has also become the expert mixologist - I have to laugh at the amount of trays of different drinks I keep finding scattered around the place, especially down in the basement.  I must admit though - his energy drinks are pretty good!!!!!!
Freddie on the other hand - well we thought Felix being neurotic had to be handled with care.  Freddie needs to be issued with a warning sign - have you ever encountered an insane, neurotic, disciplined, athletic sim before - well you should try it some time - it can get very entertaining.  If he is not working out he is having conversations or arguing with himself, I have even caught him trying to strangle himself, and when I asked him why he was playing with an imaginary bow and arrow, he said he was shooting the birds that kept trying to get through the windows???!!!!!!  The boy needs help!!!!!
Poor little Gina has been somewhat neglected of late.  She can not talk or walk yet, nobody has wanted to do it since Franny's death.  So it is nice to see Dad working on one of her skills at least before her birthday.
 Toby has finally turned into a vampire, his eyes had been the same colour as his hair, but now he is a vampire he has lost that, they are now completely white just like mine.  Ashame really because I loved the colour of his eyes!!!
Everything is going great with our relationship and I could not be happier.
It was the day of my sister Fiona's birthday, we should be celebrating two birthdays today, but unfortunately it is just the one.  Today she becomes a young adult.  I think she has grown up to be alot like Mom.
I had a party invitation from my Grandad Damen.  I thought it quite strange that I should be the one to get the invitation and not my Dad.  I decided to attend the party and I also decided to take Dad with me just as a spur of the moment thing and by the end of the night I actually wish I had gone alone!!  He had a few shocks that night - and so did I.
I stood there a little amazed to see a toddler in the livingroom - and even more amazed to find out that he was my Uncle.  My dad just finding out he had a new little brother Hansan, that he knew nothing about!!!  But he was so cute, and he had the same hair colouring as me and Dad.
I could hear a commotion going on in the basement, I had noticed dad and Grandad go down there just minutes before and thought I ought to go and make sure that they were ok.  I really did not expect to find what I did down there!!
Someones time was up - the Grim Reaper had come to collect them.
As I did not know who it was, I felt unaffected by the death and just stood watching with everyone else that were piling into the room one by one.
It was only then that it registered that there were only two people in the room that were upset, my Grandad and my Dad were sobbing.  Who was that woman????
"Grandad who is that woman??"
"Its my half sister Ingrid - your Dads Aunty - I kept trying to convince her to let me turn her back into a vampire before it was too late, but she would not let me - now she has gone"
"I am sorry Grandad - I never met her"
Somebody else in the family I never knew existed - what is it with this family and its secrets.
"I am sorry Dad, if I had known all this was going to happen tonight I never would have got you to come with me!!"  I said to dad while I was trying to cheer him up.
"I am glad you did, it was better I was here than hearing these things over the phone"
"Faith I need to be a lone for a while, I am going to head off home"
I wanted to go home myself but I let dad go on alone and thought I would go and say goodbye to my Grandmother before I went.  She was not in the livingroom when I got there, there was just Hansan sitting by the stairs crying - so I picked him up.  I loved the way he had my hair colour - Dads hair colour - Deans hair colour. The pieces they all started to fit together.
Suddenly an alarm bell rang in my mind and I looked into the toddlers eyes - and I knew - I just knew - and  I knew just exactly who I needed to talk to!!!!!